Let's Get Real, Sister!


How Removing Our Masks Can Change Everything



A Two-Day Women’s Conference

Do you long for real connection and deeper friendships? Learn how to remove the masks we wear around other women so we can foster authenticity with each other. Learn to view yourself as the woman you are, and not who you think you should be. Deepen your relationship with God and begin a journey to grasp how He sees you through His eyes.


What Women Are Saying About LGRS:


Loved Getting Real-“we women are more alike than not”

I appreciated Kathleen’s willingness to share what she has been through and how we can learn from her.

The feeling in not being alone in the way I see things.

Kathleen’s honesty

Thank you for giving us permission to be ourselves! And also how to respond to others in crisis. That has always been a challenge for me.  Feeling bad but not knowing what to say.

The topics really hit home, but she made it fun to learn about.

Just keep being you, girl. You’re amazing!  Seriously.

Such good stuff.

Thank you for being Real.

I wouldn’t change a thing-you were a wonderful example of being yourself.

Thank you, Kathleen. You are amazing!  I can see your completed book.  More success-please don’t forget “little Elma” Washington

Kathleen had great words and energy.


Real connection cannot happen when we are wearing our masks. Come join us as we explore steps you can take to uncover the heart of who you are – so the next time you reach out for deeper friendship, you can bring the real you.

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