FRIEND • EMPATHY Online Course

Empathy lessons to find deeper friend connections.

Wanting deeper friendships with your girlfriends?  Wishing you could find your tribe? Kathleen teaches how empathy could lead you to something beautiful. Come learn about “frienpathy.”

The content was such a good reminder to take the time and make the effort to speak with empathy. You’re so right it’s hard and takes a deliberate attempt. I’ve been putting your techniques into play and I’ve seen great results from strangers to my hubby!!

Jennifer L

Boring, OR

Build Deeper and More Meaningful Relationships

Longing for deeper friendships with your girlfriends? Wishing you could find your tribe? Learn how empathy could lead you to something beautiful. Join speaker and author, Kathleen M Peters for this self-paced video guided online study. She will teach you why learning these principles are worth pursuing, and why you may be finding yourself stymied in your friendships. 

“I absolutely loved this class! And I want everyone I know to learn from this class!

Thank you Kathleen Peters! This is such valuable teaching. So much to practice! I keep the little cheat sheet with me now! And I’m getting better at showing, especially my husband, empathy! He has even noticed it and said he feels like he can share more vulnerably with me ♥️♥️ thank you again!
Jessica Z

Health Coach, Portland, OR

A Self-Paced Online Video Course:

Learn about empathy on your schedule.

Chapter 1:
Why empathy is important for deep friendships
The definition of empathy
3 Basics to delivering empathy

Chapter 2: Basic #1 – Listening to discover her feelings
ExerciseTap into your own feelings

Chapter 3: Basic #2 – Use Body Language
Discover how your body language helps you understand her feelings
What body language conveys empathy
Exercise: Empathy Selfies

Chapter 4: Basic #3 – Use Empathic Statements

What not to say
Helpful things to say
What to do if her pain triggers you
Exercise: Practice Empathy Challenge

Bonus – 2 Free Printable Gifts:

  • Feelings Chart
  • 7 Empathy Statement Reminder Cards (what to say & what not to say)

3+ Hours of Life Changing Material

Only $30
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