E M B R A C E   Y O U

A Workbook to Help You:

  • forgive yourself for not being everything to everyone
  • embrace your strengths
  • accept your struggles
  • cast off what you think you should be
  • learn to trust yourself
  • embrace your story (all the parts)
  • build compassion for yourself and others
  • cultivate authenticity
Embrace You gave me permission to be open, let down my walls and share some vulnerable spaces with an (some) incredible women. I not only had the opportunity to learn about me but to learn new and valuable things about what makes my very best friend who she is. It helped me learn to value her and others as they share their hearts and bare their growth in life. I truly learned what it means to take time with my ladies and hold each other’s hearts. Stephany S

Substance Abuse Counselor, Oregon

What if…?

…God never intended you to be extraordinary at everything?  What if he made you to be excellent in just a few things? And that was all he ever expected. What if his hope was for you to concentrate on rocking the gifts he gave you and to stop beating yourself that you aren’t doing it all perfectly? Better yet, what if your areas of struggle were actually an integral part of what makes you beautiful? I believe if we could begin to welcome with open arms all our parts, the beauty, the strengths, and the struggles, we would begin to find a restful place to set down our weary and exhausted hearts.

This is what I have been looking for and didn’t even know it. Kathleen is encouraging, thoughtful and fun in her approach to guiding people through deeper self discovery and in her guidelines for doing this workbook in a small group setting as a way to develop more authentic relationships. If you feel like you don’t have anything to offer or you feel lonely in your relationships, or you just really want to understand yourself better and have even more meaningful connection with your loved ones, I highly encourage you to get this workbook. Hannah E.

Happy Valley, OR

Are you yearning for more authentic friendships in your life?

You might be interested in forming your own Embrace You Group. Groups can be as small as you and your best girlfriend. Learn together how God made each of you uniquely beautiful. I’ve provided everything you need to know to organize your own group. Download my FREE packet and get started today.  

Would you like to start your own Embrace You Group? 

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