Are you discouraged as you watch your loved ones severe relationships over differences in beliefs and ideologies? Our divisiveness is causing us to lose connection with one another. Wanting to build a bridge back to one another, every 2 weeks Kathleen, speaker & author immerses us into the messy stories of women from all walks of life while teaching us how to engage with those unlike us. Whether you want to be a catalyst to rebuild connection in your community, to increase your empathy, or just learn how to love better, this is the podcast for you.

Beauty Through the Pain

Life is funny. And not always in a ha ha way. I recently wrote a blog post about empathy, "Quoting Scripture is Cheap Drive-by Empathy."  I didn't realize then the darkness of grief strolling up to my front porch preparing to knock on my door. Just days later I would be catapulted unwillingly into an opportunity to not only express empathy but to deeply need it myself.
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