“As you begin this process of embracing you, my hope is you would

then begin to feel the courage to little by little take that woman

out of the box and show her to the world”

          -Kathleen M Peters

What is an Embrace You Group (EYG)?

An opportunity to take out the woman you are discovering and show her to others. If you’ve been working on Embrace You and like the idea of building deeper connections with other women, forming an EYG may be just what you’re looking for. An EYG is a small group (2-6) of women who want to practice vulnerability with one another by sharing their answers to the questions in Embrace You.  

Looking to Start Your Own Embrace You Group (EYG)?

Everything you need to know to form your own Embrace You Group is in this FREE downloadable packet:

  • Identifying Heart Holders

  • Process of Choosing EYG Members

  • EYG Safety Guidelines Agreement

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Forming Your EYG


1 - I'm thinking of starting a group...

You love the idea of asking a few women to join you on the journey of discovering the real you, but what kind of commitment would that be? How does this all work?

2 - Before Inviting Members...

You’ve decided you want to start your own EYG.  Now what? To have the most successful EYG, you’ll want to do these 3 things. You don’t want to skip these.

3 - Identifying Heart Holders

Who do you invite to your Embrace You Group? Kathleen gives you a series of questions to ask yourself to determine who would be the best fit for your new group.

Identifying Heart Holders

How do you identify who are your Heart Holders? Kathleen walks you through a series of questions to ask yourself. You may be surprised after answering that s...

4 - How to Form Your Group

You’ve got your list of Heart Holders. Now what? Follow this process to ensure the women in your group are ready for this level of vulnerability; not all will.

5 - Group Safety Guidelines

To ensure an environment safe for vulnerability, your group members will need to understand these guidelines. You don’t want to skip this step!

EYG Safety Guidelines

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