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Beauty Through the Pain

Life is funny. And not always in a ha ha way.
I recently wrote a blog post about empathy, “Quoting Scripture is Cheap Drive-by Empathy.”  I didn’t realize then the darkness of grief strolling up to my front porch preparing to knock on my door. Just days later I would be catapulted unwillingly into an opportunity to not only express empathy but to deeply need it myself.

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The Fallacy of Checkbox Grace

“The process of holiness isn’t about what I do or don’t do, but about what God is doing to me.” (Kathleen’s Gratitude Journal – Feb 2017)
I am no comedian. I can’t tell a joke to save my life. Too many details to get straight. But one thing you’d discover if you were to hang out with me is that I love to laugh. And laugh often I do. Mostly at myself. Not a self-deprecating laugh, but one with a deep recognition and appreciation of my imperfections. When the stakes are low, I get a good giggle at my foibles.

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Women Do It Afraid

Brave. In my little Facebook group Real Mama Sisterhood I see it every day. Women are doing hard things. All. Day. Long. Whether it’s her world crumbling down around her because her kiddo is crashing, careening head long into ADHD, ADD, Sensory Challenges, Anxiety, Diabetes, poor choices, addiction, mental illness, Autism, she doesn’t know how she’ll pay the mortgage,

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Confessions of an Unfun Friend

Fun. I know i need it. I’ve read the research. Play is good for the brain. It’s essential to maintain a healthy creative life. Blah. Blah. Blah.


I know the women in my group Real Mama Sisterhood who participate in my biweekly Coffee Talks wouldn’t believe me, but I am not what I would consider to be a fun playful person. Goofy and silly at times, but adventurous in the fun arena? Uh, no. I want to be, but it seriously doesn’t even show up on my normal everyday radar. In my friendships, it’s bitten me in the butt more times

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Quoting Scripture is Cheap Drive-by Empathy

Want to see me get wiggly-weird in 2 seconds? Watch me read a non-empathic comment to a vulnerable post on social media. (It’s a treat, really. Just ask my husband.)  A woman has just said she is at the end of her ever-loving rope; life is kicking her in the butt, the referee is about to get to 10 in the count, and she knows she isn’t getting back up, and this Yay-hoo, a well meaning human (bless her heart) who hasn’t quite thought through the consequences of what they are about to say, releases a string of scriptures as if they hold the answers to all life’s troubles.

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Wrestling I Am Not Enough

Once again I feel small. Once again I find myself crawling into my own skin to hide. Once again I feel the pangs of depression. I know I am drawing in when someone reaches out and my first reaction is to pull away. I flinch. “Don’t touch me!” “Don’t ask me how I am? I can’t bear you to look at my hideous self right now. Please run away. Save yourself.”

As I pound out the acre of dead grass around my property, marching out the feelings of inadequacy, weakness, failure, not enough, I recognize this feeling. I’m in a fight with lies.

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Good Moms Have Lunch Meat

I’m taking this AMAZING class with a few friends this summer. It’s called, Wounded by Shame, Healed by Grace. It is rockin’ my socks, friends. As you know, I’m a recovering perfectionist who is beginning to embrace the woman God made her to be while trying to let go of the woman I think I ‘should’ be. Yep, it’s quite a journey to shirk that second old broad. She’s caused me more pain than I care to admit.

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How Does God See You?

In an effort to help some mamas see they are not the only ones who have negative thoughts about themselves,  I posted this question to the mamas in my Facebook group, Real Mama Sisterhood “What is a negative thing you’ve told yourself that you KNOW is untrue/unfair?” As I read the responses that came pouring in, I melted in a puddle. This is my journal entry that morning.

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About Me

I’m a speaker, author, and recovering Perfectionist. I talk about all things empathy, vulnerability, courage, shame fighting, self-talk and how it all relates to all our relationships with God, friends, and family.

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