Women Do It Afraid

Kathleen M Peters, Speaker/Author



In my little Facebook group Real Mama Sisterhood I see it every day. Women are doing hard things. All. Day. Long. Whether it’s her world crumbling down around her because her kiddo is crashing, careening head long into ADHD, ADD, Sensory Challenges, Anxiety, Diabetes, poor choices, addiction, mental illness, Autism, she doesn’t know how she’ll pay the mortgage, this pregnancy has made her sicker than a dog leaving her unable to care for her other children like she wants to, the pregnancy test is negative again, her chronic illness leaves her feeling hopeless, he’s betrayed her AGAIN, or her birth mom refuses to meet her, these women have a wardrobe of brave capes.  Some sleep in them. Most reach for them so often, they aren’t even aware they are wearing them. In their minds there is no other option. The cape might as well be surgically attached.

Brave. I watch in awe.

The surprise for me comes when they don’t see it. Putting on courage is such a habitual act, they are completely unconscious of the fact there is a brave cape swaying in the wind behind them.

As I walk next to her, she shares her battle with anxiety and fear. My heart hurts for the daily struggle of this beautiful woman. And then I listen in disbelief as she recounts the time she stood up to a co-worker in defense of another. Or the time she told her dad he better behave better when he visits next or he won’t be allowed around her kids. And then I do this sort of cartoon character squinty-eyed shake with my head.

“Wait. You did that? You said that? Friend! That is so incredibly brave.”

She looks back at me blankly.

“That’s amazing. Way to stand up for your friend, for your kids. Way to set boundaries.”

Her response?

“Oh, I guess that was brave. Thank you for pointing that out.”

“You’re darn right that was brave. Girl, you rock!”

You know what my friend did in that moment? She beamed.

And this got me to thinking, what if we all banded together and decided to celebrate the courage of one another? What if we spent less time wondering if we’re doing all the things right and just started pointing to each other’s capes?

You want to build some real connections with women around you?  Try pointing out her cape of bravery and you just see what she does. You might just see her fly.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up,” – Thessalonians 5:11

Warmly, Kathleen (Brave Cape Identifier)

Do you have a Brave Cape story? I’d love to hear it.

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