Is There a Right Way to Ask God for Help?

Kathleen M Peters, Speaker/Author


In my book, Embrace You, there is the question, “Do you struggle to ask for help? What do you think contributes to this?” It’s meant to provoke a woman to think about what she is telling herself about asking for help. Many times, lurking under the struggle are messages of unworthiness, weakness, and fear.

Last night I had this thought, how has my reluctance to ask for help affected my spiritual life? In a gazillion ways. I can’t even remember how many times I told myself I needed to get my act together BEFORE I go to the Lord for help. Ugh.

Almost like cleaning the house before the House Keeper comes over.

Kind of silly.

I bought into this idea that God is offended if I don’t structure my prayer life into the acronym ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication). If I don’t first praise him and bring a contrite heart, I have no business asking for help because that’s just RUDE. As if God can’t handle my anguish filled cry for help because I didn’t go through the proper steps to talk to Him.

Yeah, kind of silly.

In so many ways I’ve ignored the words of Jesus,

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

(Matthew 11:28)

I don’t see a prerequisite here before I receive His rest. He just says to come.

God is not only a good parent, but He’s the one who designed mankind, for gosh’s sake. I think He knows there are times the pain is too urgent to stop and run through a ritual to ask for help.

A good parent would not expect a child who has just fallen and broken her leg, to stop crying and say, “Mommy, I love you. I confess I was climbing that tree you told me not to and I’m so sorry for disobeying you. Thank you for being such a loving kind mother who is trying to protect me. Would you take me to the hospital now?”

Would I as a parent enjoy once in awhile if my kiddo told me he loved me and he’s thankful for me? Yes! My heart would melt ESPECIALLY since I’ve not made it a requirement to tell me these things.

Is it good for us to spend time being grateful and in awe of all that our good Father has given us? Yes. Science has shown us what a difference this practice can make for our own mental health.

But if you have found yourself thinking you’ve got to spruce up and get right with God before you can go to Him with your troubles, I want to challenge you to drop that list of to-do’s, run into the arms of a God who loves you and understands you; a good daddy God who would love to hold you in his lap and listen to what is hurting and hard.

There will be time to shower Him with your thanks and adoration. There will. But please know, you melt His heart when you decide to trust Him with yours.

Much love,


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